Accident & Incident Management Software (HAIMS)

The effective handling of real and potential events is recognized as one of the main drivers for risk and QHSE improvements. Record all personal accidents within one state of the art centralized database. Ensure preventive measures are taken as soon as accidents occur.

Key Product Features & User Benefits:
  1. The Incident and accident Management module will assist your company analyze, track associated costs and prevent related costs and unnecessary occurrences.
  2. Reporting, controlling and recording of all incidents and accidents can easily be done through a seamless work flow.
  3. This can be done online at any place and any time in work flow stages that you would prefer.
  4. With Hawk hard copies are not needed because recording and reporting of incidents and accidents is directly done by employees in within the software. Upon reporting of an incident, there is an automatic and instant alert on the managers.
  5. The incident or accident is then assigned someone to investigate it and come up with suitable preventive or corrective measures.
  6. After implementation of these actions, the incident or accident is moved by the workflow to a phase where they can be verified and closed off only if they are accepted. Establishing of the root causes is also done at this phase.
  7. Your incidents and accidents are managed in due-time.
  8. A register of accidents is easily maintained making it easy for your legislative needs to be arrived at.
  9. Reduce future cost of incidents by identifying root causes and trends.
  10. Investigation status, preventive and corrective measures are monitored.
  11. Makes it easier for supporting documents and photos to be attached during an investigation.
  12. By using HIMS you can save time and money needed by employees to acquire information from remote areas.
  13. Many investigators are assigned to an incident or accident whereby they are notified automatically through email.
Product Insight:

All personal accidents are recorded within one centralized record. Preventive measures are taken upon occurrence of accidents


All type of incident including instruments should be recorded within one database available 24/7.

Near Hits/Misses

Repetition of near hits (or misses) is prevented by recording any of them in case they occur and finding their root cause.



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