KisanLink is working to advance the whole of Pakistani agriculture that improve profitability, income stewardship and quality of life by the use of Technology.

KLink is a Pakistan's leading platform is linking up farmers for buying and selling of agricultural specific products and equipment. Further, the need of a middle man will be eliminated by building up a direct connection between the farmers and the vendors. This portal provides industry specific solution and facilitates farmers in the areas including but not limited to.

Key Product Features & User Benefits:
  1. A direct farmer to farmer and farmer to vendor connection thus removing the need of middle man business tycoons who sell their crops to the vendors.
  2. Assists farmers in selling and purchasing agricultural equipment online.
  3. Assist farmers to rent agriculture specific machines online.
  4. Assists farmers in selling and purchasing livestock online.
  5. Connect farmers with Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) to get immediate help and advice.
  6. Connect farmers with agrarian expert and government agriculture officers to get prompt help and advice related to crops.
  7. Provides an opportunity to farmers to get access to local and national market.
  8. The distance barrier that the farmers are currently facing will be removed.
  9. The farmers can instantly know what’s available for sale in the nearby market.
  10. KissanLink establishes a farmer to farmer and farmer to buyer connection at any time and place. The user has to give an input of required or desired product specification and publish it as an advertisement for the market. The customers who wants to buy the product will search for the required agriculture product and contact the seller.



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